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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Art of Necromancy

Those of you who were looking to gain knowledge into the arcane science of reanimating the dead should look elsewhere. The title isn't about THAT kind of necromancy. Instead, I'll recount the tale of how a great lua coding wizard and an adept in the ways of Hammer forged an alliance to rebuild that which was lost long ago in the hazy beginnings of Garry's Mod 9.

Once upon a time, there lived a great wizard of the magical programming arts, who went by the name of n00854180t. One day, this great wizard was traveling across the great continent of Garry's Mod game modes and scripts when he came across ship, stuck on the beach, half built. He stopped, admiring what work had been completed on the ship, but was saddened that it had been left on the beach and would never be finished. But then a journeying cartographer named Apex came across the ship and the wizard, and he too stopped to admire the ship in its partially-built beauty.

Then spoke he to the wizard, "Alas, a shame it shall never set sail. What a sight it would be upon the shifting waves of the ocean."

Replied the wizard, "Indeed it would be good sir, a formidable vessel it would be. A great loss to the world, this unfinished ship and its untapped potential."

The cartographer stood a moment more, looking upon the vessel. Just then, an idea occurred to him, and he turned once more to the wizard.

"We could finish it for him!" He exclaimed.

"We might, had we the power," said the wizard, "It would take a grand effort to restore this ship and set it afloat."

"Between the two of us we could do it," replied the cartographer.

And so the two set to work. The wizard used his powers to rebuild the parts and patch the holes in the ship's sides, while the cartographer toiled away to once again make the ship beautiful. After long hours of labor, they stood back to admire the nearly finished vessel and the work they had put forth. But just then the shipmaker EmpV returned from his outing, amazed and delighted to see his ship nearly complete and shining like a diamond in the sun.

"Incredible," said he, "that two travelers may come upon my creation and aid my efforts so. I thank you strangers, now let us set sail!"

The story does not end there, however. The three continue to build their ship, hoping someday it will be seaworthy.


Pirateship Wars Redux by Apex, n00854180t and EmpV

Have fun, and I hope to see some new faces on our test server when it's back up!


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