World of Apex

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oblivion, Part One

So I haven't gotten around to the Oblivion review. Deal with it. If you haven't gotten the memo, go buy this game RIGHT NOW. I've got both the PC and Xbox 360 version, and both are totally worth it. The 360's graphics completely smoke those of the PC counterpart in every way, and make the $400 box more than worth the price compared to the $4000 or more in PC hardware you would need to get anywhere close.

Sometime this week I *might* get around to a full review, partly because I have to write one for Dpad. After over 100 hours put in the game, I'm still hooked. I have three guilds to complete, and 6 more Daedric shrine quests to complete as well. There's much more to the game than that, too.

Trust me. Buy it.